Eddie Release Notes

 Mac OS X

The current release 2.5.9 runs on MacOSX 10.5 (including PPC) through Mavericks. 2.5.x is likely the last major version I'll release with PPC support.

Release 2.5.9
  • Added Show invisibles.
  • Correctly invalidate open header cache via fsevents.
  • Reworked selection display in various lists to use system selection colors.
  • Fixed a bug in increase/decrease font size.
  • Fixed a problem where Workset, SFTP Open, Prefs and other windows came up with an I beam cursor, sometimes.
  • Refined tab completion to only use local completions when completing a single letter.
  • Fixed tab completer to correctly append space (only when the completion is unique) and to properly not escape said space.
  • Fixed menu updating and initial state capturing in the "Switch To Last Edit" feature.
  • Opening new untitled documents now respects global "Show line numbers" setting.
  • Fixed a bug where Find window regex error popup came up too narrow.
  • Fixed a crash on quit when quitting while completion symbols are being loaded.
  • Fixed Server Open Panel size and date column resizing and name column truncation.
  • Fixed a bug where activity in a shell in an inactive tab was causing declaration tip windows to close.
  • Fixed a bug where active shell in an inactive tab wasn't scrolling to selection.
  • Inactive tab active shell busy indicator sometimes wasn't spinning as it should.
  • Fixed the Undiff command to properly paste back into the selection.
  • Improved #ifdef branch handling in indexer.
  • Fixed formatting of pasted declarations in Prototyper.

Release 2.5.8
  • Swift syntax coloring and function popup
  • Color ANSI terminal mode support in shell windows
  • Improved pane splitting by dragging splitter thumb
  • Added support for Services menu
  • Added copy as breakpoint to Context menu

Release 2.5.7
  • New smart Open Quickly feature with approximate matching
  • C++14 number separator in syntax coloring and function popup
  • Fixed occasional crash in reverse find
  • Fixed sorting of a huge selection
  • Better handling of unsaved documents on quit
  • Few more bug fixes

Release 2.5.6
  • Improved HTML (Javascript, CSS, PHP) function coloring -- fixed lock-ups and coloring correctness
  • Improved Python function popup
  • Improved Java syntax coloring and function popup
  • Added HTML, Javascript, CSS and PHP function popup
  • Context-sensitive commenter feature -- selects the right comment style in multi-language documents
  • Fixed an occasional crash auto-completing file path names in a parent directory
  • Do not show iBeam over an active Find panel is active
  • Fix an occasional bug with Replace&Find in multi-file search not advancing to the correct next search result
  • Fixed Lua commenter

Release 2.5.5
  • Greatly improved Lua syntax coloring
  • Greatly improved Lua function popup
  • Added Lua-style comments to commenter
  • Greatly improved C/C++ function popup parser:
    • C++11 support
    • Better advanced template handling
    • Fixed some parsing bugs and some improved ObjC class handling
  • Fixed Ruby syntax coloring to not lock up
  • Add support for UTF-8 BOM encoding
  • Made path name completion properly trigger tag rebuilding
  • Added Undo for Replace All
  • Brought back "Leave Windows Open" checkbox to multi-file find options
  • Fixed an occasional lock up when using tabs with non-overlay scrollbars
  • Fixed mixed up Replace/Find, Replace All and Replace In Selection buttons in Find
  • Fixed an occasional crash if window closed after function popup and prototyper both get used
  • Fixed an occasional crash when closing a split pane
  • Fixed problems with interrupted shell output causing the Undo record to sometimes split up

Release 2.5.4
  • Fix occasional crash on quit.
  • Pane split animation.

Release 2.5.3
  • Support for new overlay scrollers, overhauled split pane support
  • Much improved symbol indexer, including:
    • Better C++11 handling
    • Better advanced template handling
    • Index new standard C++ libraries
    • Python indexing
  • Function popup improvements include better C++ template handling
  • Fix somewhat inaccurate line rendering at the end of super-huge (> 20MB, > 1 million lines) documents
  • Fix a bug with RTF clipboard not being generated with correct unicode escaping
  • Fix a bug that cause Python and Shell syntax coloring to be unstable during some edits
  • Fixed re-open of documents to preserve the document ordering
  • New Untitled Shell template support
  • Properly set terminal width in a shell window based on window size
  • Fixed a bug in reading DOS format documents

Release 2.5.2
  • Mavericks ready
  • Fix a problem with the "Editing" and "Colors" pref panes not displaying on 10.5 and 10.6.
  • Fix a problem with selection stream pipes not getting deleted correctly on quit.
  • Make Cmd-D pick up line numbers from Python-style logs.

Release 2.5.1
  • Python syntax coloring improvements (more robust with huge files, more correct)
  • Shell syntax coloring improvements
  • Ragel syntax coloring
  • Python '"""' style headerdoc comment support in commenter
  • Shell function popup
  • Antlr syntax coloring and function popup
  • Fix a crash when merging tabs
  • Find window option to toggle "Dot maches '\n'" in regex searches
  • Context menu in text editor
  • Resizable Find window
  • Recent/common find strings menu can now be pre-populated by favorite string patterns
  • Improved function popup and prototyper function boundary detection
  • Added support for svn 1.7 and later
  • Fixed a problem with git integration that would cause excessive CPU use and memory leaks in some cases
  • Properly draw tab completion windows with bold entries
  • Added support for user menus in the form:
    • AddEditUserMenu -name "Sort Selection in front window" -toSubmenu Commands -shellCommand "sort -f < $_AS > $AS_"
    • AddEditUserMenu -name "Sort Selection in target" -toSubmenu Commands -shellCommand "sort -f < $_TS > $TS_"
    • AddEditUserMenu -separator -toSubmenu Commands
    • AddEditUserMenu -name "Today's date" -toSubmenu Commands -shellCommand "/bin/date +%e-%b-%Y" -shortcut Control-D
    • AddContextUserMenu -name "Echo stuff" -shellCommand "echo stuff" -shortcut Command-Option-Y
    • AddContextUserMenu -name "Echo into sel" -shellCommand "echo stuff > $AS_" -shortcut Command-Option-Y
  • Added Eddie env variables $ACTIVE, $_AS, $AS_
  • Temp shell password prompt
  • Fix a bug in undo when undoing in a middle of long shell spew
  • Added a simple undiff tool and a handful of other commands to the Edit menu

Release 2.5
  • UTF-8 and input method support
  • Improved Find
    • boost regex engine supporting Perl regular expression syntax
    • Regex find syntax coloring and error highlighting
    • auto-escaping of search strings when Regex enabled
    • Improved Forward/Reverse find advance in the presence of overlapping matches
    • Number of other find-related fixes and improvements
  • Improved tabbed shell support
    • inactive shell tabs show busy progress while shell activity is going on
    • shell tabs in the Worksheet window are persisted
    • Fixed a crash using panes in tabs
  • Improved symbol indexer
    • add support for C++11 "using" type definitions/declarations
    • add more availability macro symbols
  • Improved code completion
    • Make it a little better about not stealing the down arrow key (you now have to press Ctrl-Down Arrow to focus the list).
    • Added a way to set a up a keyboard shortcut to select next in the completion popup (via the --tryFirst shortcut)
    • Made the first path completion when the "Use Symbols when Tab-completing" shortcut is on not cause a temporary SPOD
  • Improved function prototyper
    • ObjC method prototypes automatically wrapped in @interface or @implementation where applicable
    • Whitespace applied lazily during paste -- you can now load up the prototyper clipboard, switch whitespace theme, paste the prototypes, the right thing will happen.
    • fixed handling of operator+, operator-
  • Improved function popup
    • Made it handle forward interface and protocol declarations correctly
    • Fixed a bug where it didn't correctly indicate the position between two methods in the popup
  • Improved syntax coloring
    • Speed up coloring of super-huge files
    • Fixed function coloring inside an extern "C++" block
    • Fixed function coloring of some templated functions
    • Few new color schemes
  • Fixed horizontal scrollback sometimes fighting to scroll while using gesture scrolling
  • Fixed tab drag image
  • Fixed Ctrl-Click on a clipboard button
  • Fixed a bug where extended clipboards were no longer saving themselves on quit.
  • Fixed a bug where pasting styled text from Eddie to Mail sometimes pasted more than original selection
  • Added --tryFirst SetKey keyboard shortcuts that run optionally before main shortcuts
  • Fixed a lock-up bringing up save panel tagging window.
  • Fixed a problem with document encoding popup applying the wrong setting.
  • Fixed a problem popup menus in preferences sometimes checking the wrong item.
  • Fixed a problem with wrong line terminators being added to the pasteboard.
  • Fixed indent left right of a couple lines right at the document end

Release 2.4.2
  • Added syntax coloring of functions, classes, numeric constants and HTML escaped unicode literals
  • Sped up syntax coloring of large documents
  • Improved Ruby syntax coloring
  • Function popup support for Ruby
  • Improved split panes: better active pane visibility, better click-through behavior
  • Added retina display Monaco 9 nostalgia rendering mode
  • Improvements in the smart swap keyboard shortcut
  • Numerous bug fixes

Release 2.4.1
  • Fixed a few crashes using shells with tabs
  • Fixed a crash using Cmd-D on a path that fails to open
  • Cmd-D in Untitled documents now uses the shell path to assist looking up the selection
  • Other bug fixes and small improvements

Release 2.4
  • Tabbed document windows, pervasively integrated throughout the app. (Don't panic, non-tabbed documents still fully supported, of course.)
  • Indexer improvements: Better complex C++ handling and speed
  • Indexing now offers an option to exclude path patterns from indexing
  • Added an option to show hidden files in the Open Panel
  • Added a global preference to toggle showing line numbers
  • Better handling of large git repositories
  • Extended Command-D line:file handling to also support file:line:column and file:line:startColumn:endColumn
  • Fixed Find window to not automatically perform unhelpful quote substitutions in its edit field
  • Enhanced the "Go Back" command to offer navigating edit history
  • Fixed the inability to set Shift-Tab as a shortcut
  • new version of the tellEddie tool
  • Number of other enhancements and bug fixes

Release 2.3.2
  • Added the ability to Execute a command in any document window
  • Added menu item to toggle "Show Line Numbers" setting
  • Add activate shell via Cmd-1..8 (analogous to existing Cmd-0 for Worksheet)
  • Fixed a problem where "Wrap to window" sometimes wouldn't rewrap when toggling line numbers on/off
  • Fixed incorrect line number display when "Wrap to window" enabled
  • Fixed a problem with not being able to turn the "Use symbols while Tab-completing" preference off
  • Include Colors when copying test into the system clipboard
  • Save shell window directories (previously already done for Worksheet)
  • Fixed Find menu crasher

Release 2.3.1
  • Add git support to the tellEddie -c command
  • Fix a font menu/pref pane crasher that happened with some third party fonts.
  • Fix a occasional crash on exit.
  • Fix a lock-up when clicking the Find Window multi-file recent directory popup.
  • Fix lookup indexer parsing of enums with availability macros.

Release 2.3
  • Open/save to SFTP/SSH server makes remote document editing a breeze
  • LaTeX syntax coloring and function popup
  • Symbol lookup - automatically regenerates index files and improves Objective-C parsing
  • Improved Function popup handling of various header macros
  • Fixed problems with retina display handling
  • Added an option to soft-wrap text to window width
  • Added a Cmd +/Cmd - shortcut for quick Font size increase/decrease
  • Shell path name tab completion optionally uses paths from the indexer
  • Handle accidental horizontal scroll
  • Add "In Open Windows" as an option to multi-file Find
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes

Release 2.2
  • Git support in Worksets
  • tellEddie -c automatically creates a .c/.h pair/boilerplate
  • Properly display ssh upload progress in shell windows (support '\r' correctly)
  • Properly handle backspace sequences in shell output.
  • Include syntax coloring colors in text drag
  • Smart swap improvements -- correctly handle quoted strings
  • Small fix to quote double-click balancing.
  • Untitled workset didn't allow Save As
  • Append .wkst suffix when saving worksets, if needed
  • & was not properly escaped in shell path variables, caused confused Worksheets
  • Make Suggestions window close when invoking other keyboard commands
  • Fix Page Up/Down keyboard shortcuts
  • Handle quitting of unresponsive shell sessions better

Release 2.1
  • Added support for showing line numbers
  • Added more Find shortcuts as menu items
  • Fixed a crash when SizeWell is installed
  • Fixed a crash when closing Quick Find on Leopard
  • Fixed bugs in handling execution of multi-line shell commands/lists
  • Don't scroll when you delete text at the end of the document
  • Fix a bug in the UpArrowSingleLineScroll primitive
  • Multiple folders added to a workset through the Open Panel were not sorted correctly
  • Fixed a bug where reverse multi-file search wasn't searching from the end of a document
  • Fixed a bug where reverse multi-file search wasn't wrapping correctly
  • Made workset iterator properly iterate groups with no folder association
  • Fixed Multi-file reverse iterator and workset forward and reverse iterator
  • Fixed a bug in the Find window "Leave windows open" setting
  • Faster loading of Worksets
  • Fixed a leak in Worksets
  • Fixed bug reading Windows (CRLF) documents.

Release 2.0
  • Carbon-free: Obj-C++/Cocoa rewrite
  • Text drag & drop
  • Many symbol/autocompletion fixes
  • Many improvements and bug fixes in window pane splitting
  • More robust multi-line shell execution and password prompt handling
  • Many improvements to Symbol lookup/completion indexer
  • More light-weight background document change handling
  • Find Window Option to auto-close windows opened by multi-file search
  • Find Window Option to filter folders to exclude from multi-file search
  • Find Window Fixed crashes, lock-ups and other misc. bugs
  • Worksets: SVN integration
  • Worksets: better drag&drop
  • Worksets: improved multi-level folder hierarchy support
  • Worksets: many bug fixes
  • Improved support of exotic fonts
  • Mac OSX Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion support (Intel 64 bit, Intel 32 bit, PPC)
  • Many other bug fixes

Release 1.2
  • Fix a crash when quitting with a read-only Worksheet
  • Make man work in the Worksheet.
  • Small tweaks in symbol/autocompletion parser
  • Fix a problem where the Keypad period wasn't working.

Release 1.1.2
  • Symbol lookup:
  • Obj-C support for lookup and auto-completion
  • Improved C++ auto-completion
  • Fixed redraw glitch when clicking the window zoom button.
  • Fix some clipboard incompatibilities.
  • Tab and Shift-Tab support for indenting.
  • Added a new TabOrIndentRight primitive (Cmd-Tab), Shift-Tab to IndentLeft.
  • Separate keyboard maps for editor windows and shell windows.
  • Better handling of quotes when using path Tab-completion
  • Some enhancements to the smart swap function
  • Made $_TS pipe handling more robust

Release 1.1
  • Added "Tab inserts spaces" preference
  • Python function popup and commenter support
  • Ruby syntax coloring and commenter support
  • Added support for piping selected text in and out of shell commands
  • Added "Auto save Worksheet Path" preference
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes

Release 1.0.1
  • Number of bug fixes

Release 1.0
  • Anti-aliased font support.
  • New color themes.
  • Support for user-created color themes.
  • Preference to disable search flash highlighting.
  • Preference to keep Find window open.
  • Preference to control saving Creator codes.
  • tellEddie now allows optionally creating a file on open.
  • tellEddie -- when opening from stdin allow marking document as temporary using a new --noSave flag.
  • Many more fixes and improvements.
  • Linux development version now available.

 Gnome Linux Beta

Currently runs/tested on Gnome 2.16 Ubuntu/x86.

1.0.1 (v7)
  • Tab completion windows

1.0.1 (v6)
  • Font name/size settings are read from the font file (no UI yet)
  • Proper mapping of Alt and Win modifiers
  • Find window edit items support multiple lines, Tabs, draw properly
  • Document settings
  • Fixed many keyboard shortcuts (Alt-Mod-W to close all windows, Alt-Mod-B to balance #ifdefs, etc.)
  • Fixed problems with space and other characters sometimes being entered on key up.

Initial Development release. Use at your own risk.
What works:
  • General editing
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Prototyper
  • Syntax coloring
  • Function popup
  • Commenter
  • Ifdef balancer
  • Find dialog
  • Command-D
  • Cursor obscuring
  • Wheel mouse
  • Quick Find dialog
  • GoTo Line
  • Worksheet